Barbeque Sausage Cups Made By My Wife

Ingredients: Colby, Bob Evans Spicy Sausage, Sweet Baby Ray’s, Pillsbury Crescent Dough

It is nice to have day off simultaneously with the Missus. There’s fun to be had and fine food with it.


It is no secret I love meat pies. My wife has made them before here.  This barbecue sausage pocket is a new favorite of mine. Amanda just made these today and they are downright delicious. The airy crust, the mild barbecue sauce married with the sausage, and the mild cheese make this a delicious treat.

The best part of it is it all came from a modified recipe. It called for ground beef, but Amanda looked through our larder and we don’t have any at the moment. But that is fine. Sausage is more enjoyable than ground beef.


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