Fancy Frank’s Lager The Third In Our Four Pack Flight

Beer: Fancy Frank’s Lager

Brewery: McGargles (Rye River Brewing)

Beer Style: Pale Lager

Abv: 4.5%

Serving methodology: 11.2 oz bottle poured into two pint glasses

Country of Origin: Irish Republic


Background: This is the third in the four pack we are working our way through tonight. Don’t worry. We’re spacing it out. The first and the second were had quite some time ago.

Taste & Aroma: Wet grass and biscuits are the aromas from this beer. The flavors here are sharp and pronounced. The noble hops are in the middle and the finish is a lot like Budweiser. It has a clean finish and a fine representative of the pale lager style.


Amanda’s Thoughts: It’s a very good, solid beer. If I drank it all the time, I’d grow tired of it. It is good, but it is not brilliant.

Final Analysis: This is a fine beer. I agree with my wife though, it isn’t one I’d have frequently. So far I prefer the first beer from this brewery.

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