Francis Big Bangin IPA, The Last of a Four Pack Flight Reviewed by a Husband And Wife

Beer: Francis Big Bangin IPA

Beer Style: IPA

Brewery: McGargles (Rye River Brewing)

Serving Methodology: 11.2 oz bottle poured into two pint glasses

Country of Origin: Irish Republic

Abv: 7.10%

Background: This is the last in a four pack that my wife and I are reviewing together. These beers have been pretty solid. Part I, Part II, and Part III are interesting examples of their styles.



Taste & Aroma: I smell piney hops! That’s a good sign. The taste here is more piney and malty than it is hoppy. I’m not tasting the IPA flavors I am used to tasting. This doesn’t feel like an English IPA, A West Coast IPA, or any IPA I have tasted. This is mellow.

Amanda’s Thoughts: Mellow IPA that I can drink


Final Analysis: My favorites of these four beers were the lager and the pale ale. I cannot say this is an IPA I’d have again. It is contrary to what I expect from an IPA. If you are like my wife, you may like this beer.


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