Democracy 3: A Game To Play On An Election Year

Game: Democracy 3

Platform Played: PC

Price: $7.49 Summer sale price

Developer/Publisher: Positech Games


Background: In case you have been living in caves, cut off from all media, or your national government, clerics/cult leaders have banned you from watching television or using the internet you probably are aware that it is fortunately and unfortunately an election year in my country, the United States of America. Every four years we have a presidential election and as I get older the more I loathe these. At the same time I am happy we have them as a peaceful transition of power is a great thing. It is a pillar of a democracy.

America is ridiculously and tragically divided over social issues that in the long term scheme of things are as important as the color of an orange. We need to solve scientific, economic, and military/security problems. Not be obsesses over social issues. I loved this game Democracy 3, as it puts you in control of a country’s policies. I was able to get America to focus on what matters and less about this and this. You can lead several nations in this game including mine, the United Kingdom, and several commonwealth countries.

Gameplay: This game is both simple and complex. The game is mainly played from a menu that resembles and link-analysis chart. Issues are surrounded by policy choices. In the center is the player’s popularity with various blocs of constituents. These blocs range from farmers, patriots, retirees, capitalists, environmentalists, conservatives, liberals, and socialists. Every policy decision can boost or lower popularity with each of these groups.

I lowered the income tax. This helped my popularity with middle income voters. I increased the corporate tax, and reduced property tax. I increased the airline tax. This angered capitalist voters. I implemented licenses for all firearm ownership (Thank you, Illinois), this angered conservative voters. The gameplay is a simplified balancing act just like real politics. Like in real politics though, political capital must be managed.


My only compliant about this game is that it is full of crowded interfaces. It would help if the design was less cluttered and more flowing. It was almost painful to spend time looking for decisions to make on a cluttered link analysis chart. It would be easier to have tabs similar to a web browser representing each sector instead of this cluttered menu.

An example of a policy decision requiring action and the crowded main menu.


Final Analysis: This is a casual and fun management simulation, that while it is flawed was easy to learn and that is an important thing for me, as I explain that here. Democracy 3 is a lot of fun. Expansion packs or DLCs, whichever you like to call them are available as well. Eventually I may get my hand on those. Democracy 3 is worth your time. Check it out.





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