Garner’s Pizza & Wings, A Well Worthwhile Peoria Tradition

It being Sunday and having a craving for some good pizza, I decided to put a call to order some of the Peoria,IL’s area premier pizza. It was Garner’s Pizza & Wings of course. Garner’s used to have this cool theme music. But, I do not believe they use this song any longer. Here’s an idea of what the song sounds like from a five year old commercial.

I typically order their deep-dish Chicago style pizza. I was not in the mood for that kind of pizza as I’ve had it quite often lately. Here’s something about that here.  And for my fellow downstate Illinoisans , here’s another one.   I was in the mood for a local hand tossed favorite, dear readers. And this is exactly what I found in their ‘The Works’ pizza.


By now you know what I look for in a pizza: a balanced sauce, a good crust, and an ingredient on every bite. First and foremost they have a sauce that is not too sweet and not too tart. It is just right. Their ingredients:pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, beef, Canadian bacon, black olive, and bacon are on every bite. You are not getting a cheese pizza with a few crumbles of ingredients on it. You are getting a real pizza with Garner’s. Furthermore, the crust is as it should be on a hand tossed pizza: light, airy, and a decent amount of thickness.

Garner’s is an excellent example of how a local pizza chain does well. I’m going to have their Italian beef sandwich soon today. Here’s their address and telephone number:

124 Detroit Ave
Morton, IL 61550

(309) 938-4486

Go order from your local pizza chain today and support a small business.

(309) 938-4486

(309) 938-4486

(309) 938-4486




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