Turkey Hill Gelato Swirls Cookies & Caramel

My wife observed this in the ice cream aisle at our local grocers the other day! Gelato! Count me in. I love ice cream of all types, not necessary all flavors, but all types. Gelato is truly a premium ice cream and by golly I had to have some. We bought it and took it home. She had some first and liked it. Now I’m giving it a go.

Turkey Hill is one of my favorite ice cream brands. They do a fine job with natural ingredients and there’s a neat variety in their portfolio of ice cream flavors. I previously reviewed their Mint Choco Chip and it was brilliant. I’ll review some more of their traditional ice cream offerings soon. When I saw their brand on Gelato, it had to be good so we picked it up.


Taste & Aroma: The Caramel is the star of this ice cream. The aroma is of caramel and it comes through clear along with the smell of the actual gelato. It is a real unforgettable richer smell than regular ice cream. When it comes to the taste of this gelato, the caramel is still the star. The chopped ‘oreo-like’ cookies are really only an after thought, but this is still a fabulous gelato. Reminds me of some excellent ones I’ve had in Chicago suburbs and in St. Louis, and in downtown Springfield, IL.

Note the ample caramel.

Final Analysis: Good gelato, worth your time to try. But you’ll only be overjoyed with it if you have a strong liking to caramel. I’ve had better but this is far from worse and far from perfect. It is good. Check it out.

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