Vermont Country Blend

I am no stranger to Green Mountain Coffee: Nantucket Blend is a delight. Dark Magic is a delicious dark roast. The flavors and cappuccinos are excellent as well. When I saw Vermont Country Blend I was in slight disbelief as I thought I had tried all the coffees that interested me. So I picked it up and loaded up the Keurig to brew. I don’t regret it at all.


This is a coffee that is mild and delicate in flavor. Light cedar is the primary aroma here. The flavor is acidic and slightly citrus. The finish is a crisp woody cedar. This is a good medium roast that is really an all day coffee. It is a less complex coffee than Nantucket Blend, but not everything needs to be complex to be great tasting and notable. I’d say try this solid and well-executed medium roast.



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