Iron Spike’s Light Rail

Beer: Light Rail

Beer Style: Cream Ale

Brewery: Iron Spike Brewing Company

Country of Origin: United States of America (Galesburg, IL)

Abv: 5.00%

Serving Methodology 12 oz can poured into 312 weizen glass

Background: I have only had the priviledge of being at the Iron Spike Brewery once. It was an exceptional dining experience at their taproom and gastropub, and their beer was fantastic as well. Worth writing about soon. I just noticed two of their beers in one of the local liquor stores I visit. This is the first of the two. We’ll visit the Iron Spike Brewery in the near future. For now I’ll enjoy their beer at home.

I love the can’s design. It really pops. That pun was purposefully implemented. 
You can certainly appreciate the passenger train and the sign for the brewery on the can.

The first of these two beers is Light Rail. This is a cream ale. I have little experience with this beer style. I have had this one on draught before and I greatly enjoyed it. I imagine it will be just as good from the can.

Aroma & Taste: This blonde colored beer smells of biscuity grains. Simple, yet charming! And sometimes keeping things simple is the best way. A sharp tart malt backbone with a sweeter finish is what this beer has with each sip or gulp. The finish has a lingering bite and I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I’m not detecting a whole lot of hops. But that is just what I expect from ales. Again, I am not familiar with cream ales.

A bombshell of a beer!


Final Analysis: This is a simple beer. It is also a quality one from both the can and the tap. I’m a fan of it’s simple refreshing flavor. This isn’t a beer I’d drink often. I would recommend it to the Miller Lite and Bud Light people who cannot see past the long necks they tote when there is a wider beer world around them. This beer could easily be a gateway to better beer for some people. Good job, Iron Spike.


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