A Hot Dog from Tasty’s Chicago Grill in Peoria,IL

I received a pleasant surprise today. Coffee which I’ll talk about later and a hot dog. My Father-in-Law Phil Novak dropped by and surprised me with some early birthday food. A hot dog is always nice as Buck Owens would say. But instead of singing about it let’s discuss the merits of Tasty’s Chicago Grill’s Chicago Style Hot Dog. They’re located at 601 Main Street Peoria, IL. Now I’ve obviously not been there yet, but I can simply say that this is a brilliant hot dog.


This hot dog is a work of art. Lush relish, pickle, brilliant onions, and a nice poppy seeded bun. And let’s not forget the star of the show: the frankfurter. It was delicious! All beef? I don’t know, but I’m leaning towards a yes. This is a celebration of flavor with the beef, the onions, the pickle, the bun, and the relish all working that together.

What’s that I spy?

IMG_0725 (1)


French Fries! Tasty’s makes their own. Another reason to go there. It is now on my list. I’m eager to try their other menu items. Thanks to Phil for bringing this over.

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