Gevalia’s Carmel Macchiato

Hello! It has been a long time. I’ve been busy with work and under the weather. Bad allergies + exhaustion. Today has been my best day this week. Let’s talk about coffee. Gevalia coffee has some good ones as mentioned earlier. Check out these two coffees. Like Green Mountain, Gevalia has some coffee house type K cups.



Gevalia’s Carmel Macchiato has an aroma just like the one served at your favorite coffee house. Espresso and Caramel really help form a more perfect union for coffee drinkers and espresso lovers. Of course what really matters here is the taste. Bittersweet caramel and the bold punch of fine espresso display a unique character that few brews can match. This is excellent coffee, friends.


Gevalia’s Carmel Macchiato is a great two-step at home espresso beverage without the milk frother or the tamping of the shot. This is a treat. Pick some up now.


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