Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee for Keurig

It is good to have great coffee. Great flavored coffee when done right is incredible too. Now let’s sample this excellent coffee by Gloria Jean’s. I’m no stranger to this excellent coffee. And I’m no stranger to one of their best products either. Let’s open this up.



What we have here is a delicate coffee with an excellent aroma. The scent of toffee candy and warmed butter are present. Now once this coffee cools I can tell you how it tastes. I should get one of those Keurig 2.0s that control the brewing temp eventually. I don’t know who can drink this hot of coffee.

There we are. A great toffee like opening is present and the warming butter is there too. The flavor matches the aroma really well. I will have to say that this was a good purchase. I don’t win all the time with coffee or beer, but I only write about the good ones. And this coffee is worth writing about. Thanks, Gloria Jean’s.

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