Toaster Pastry

Beer: Toaster Pastry

Beer Style: India Red Ale

Brewery: 21st Amendment

Serving Methodology: 12 oz can poured into two pint glasses

Country of Origin: United States of America

Abv: 7.6%

Background: Amanda loves toaster pastries. My wife has a few boxes of pop tarts around the house. She’s no stranger to toaster strudel either. When I saw this can of beer from the 21st Amendment Brewing Company, I had to get it. Little did I know that this beer earned this moniker from having been brewed in a former toaster pastry factory. This beer has character, let’s take a look.

Since I bought this thinking of Amanda, I included her in the review.

Split Can



Taste & Aroma:  This is nutty, biscuity and malty at the start, and in the end it has a spicy hop bite. The aroma is of wheat and faint fruits.

Amanda’s Impressions: Love the beginning, I’m not fond of the sharp taste at the end.

Final Analysis: This is another hit from the 21st Amendment Brewery. I am certainly a fan of their work so far I have had Brew Free or Die, Back In Black, and this one. I only need to try two more beers to say I’ve had all of their year round offerings. Thanks 21st Amendment Brewery.

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