Way Station: Coffee Shop

We are all on a journey. We all need a way station. Life has peaks and valleys, summits and slopes, flights and layovers. In the days of the stage coach, the tavern was the place to congregate on a journey. Small beer, milds, and watered down rotgut wine were the refreshment of choice. Nowadays, we have better water and a wonderful substance called coffee exists.

Toasting Tavern 2


Today, I’m getting my car worked on. Routine service, nothing major thankfully, otherwise I’d likely be at the auto shop in the waiting room. Today I am in the coffee shop a block away from it. This coffee shop makes this little Anchorhead a Mos Eisley. This is a nice place to sink into a comfy armchair and soothe what ails you with a caffeinated coffee, cappuccino or tea. Right now I’m enjoying a white chocolate delight with an ample amount of the black gold they call espresso.



This is no wretched hive of scum and villany though. There are ladies across from me are discussing wedding caterings. The baristas are friendly and hospitable. This old train depot is the epitome of a way station. We’re all trying to get somewhere. Whether your destination is a new job, a new home, a new product, design, creative project; take time to visit a way station. Rest your weary souls. Regroup, reform and get motivated. In the words of a dear friend and favorite college professor: “Catch your breath.”

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