Armory Experimental Pale Ale

Beer: Armory Experimental Pale Ale

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Serving Methodology: 12oz bottle poured into pint glass

Abv: 5.9%

Country of Origin: United States of America

Brewery: Deschutes

Background: I recently purchased a sampler of Deschutes beers. This is the first one I am having. Amanda is having one as well. I am not sure what is experimental about this beer. I consulted the website here. Do you know? Or are they just experimenting with this beer to see if if they want to continue it?


Taste & Aroma: This is more of an IPA than a pale ale. Highly hop forward, little to no hop backbone. All I am tasting is a bitter finish with little to no backbone. I love a good hop bite. Yet there is nothing here of substance I’m feeling.

Amanda’s Opinion: Not exactly what I expected. Did not expect the hoppy punch, but it is all right.


Final Analysis: This beer to say the least was a ‘blah’ beer. Deschutes has great beers. This is not one of them. I will quickly showcase some beers by Deschutes shortly

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