Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Brewery: Deschutes

Beer: Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Abv: 5.00%

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Serving Methodology: 12 oz bottle poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America

Background: Deschutes Brewery is a great example of a craft brewery with a diverse portfolio of quality year-round beers. I just had two of their beers: Pinedrops and Armory. Now it is time to try a flagship of theirs: Mirror Pond. Let’s cruise on this flagship to a better beerverse.


Taste & Aroma: This beer smells like a pale ale should. I get the smell of bright malt and lush greens. The taste is bright and malty, ripe fruit is present in the middle with a mild hop finish. It reminds me of a better Bass Ale. It also reminds me of a few pale ales I’ve not visited in a long long time. Including Stone Pale Ale and Stone Pale Ale 2.0.

I am becoming a hand model.
An amber brew! 



Final Analysis: I need to try this incredible beer on draught. This is an exceptional example of an underrated beer style. Pale ales are completely upstaged by their higher abv bearing cousins: the IPAs. Do not forget your pale ales. Enjoy a Mirror Pond and celebrate this beer style.

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