Black Butte Porter

Beer: Black Butte Porter

Brewery: Deschutes

Beer Style: Porter

Abv: 5.2%

Serving Methodology: 12 oz bottle poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America


Background: Porter was one of the first successfully brewed commercial beers in the industrial revolution. Porter also known as stout is one of those beers that many enjoy but many also dislike or misunderstand. I love porter. George Washington loved porter. I’m no George Washington. But he and I know good beer. I have only discussed some beers like this before on this website and those are Guinness family beers. Correct me if I’m wrong.  Let’s talk about this brilliant porter from Deschutes.

George Washington by James Peale 1787

Taste & Aroma: Roasted malt, coffee, charcoal, chocolate, and a hint of nut tease the nostrils. Now for the star of the show: flavors. This is a malty delight, Cocoa, burnt charcoal, and coffee are present. There’s a sharp boozy middle despite the low alcohol. The finish is earthy, chocolaty, and typical of an incredible and misunderstood beer style. As the beer warms it has more of a sharp bite with more of a chocolaty feel. Well done, Deschutes.


Final Analysis: This is a luxurious beer. A regular masterpiece. A stupendous stout, and a perfect porter. Let’s enjoy.


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