Archer Farms Toasted Hazelnut

I do not get out to the Target stores often. I enjoy them though. Archer Farms is a great brand, and you can find this brand’s products at Target as I believe it is an exclusively carried brand by them. I enjoyed their drip coffee a long time ago. But I was in the mood for some K-Cup coffee from my Keurig. The Toasted Hazelnut flavor had me intrigued.



The aroma once brewed is unmistakably hazelnut! The flavor is a warming nutty hazelnut. And I don’t have any Frangelico in this coffee. I merely am drinking flavored coffee, and it is delicious. Flavored coffee is oftentimes a flawed masterpiece. But this hazelnut coffee rivals Panera Bread’s Hazelnut coffee and the coffee served at EauClaire, Wisconsin’s Grand Avenue Cafe in it’s picturesque downtown. You’ll be sorry if you never try any of these coffees. But also try the subject of this review: The Archer Farms Toasted Hazelnut.



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