Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

As I stated earlier, I don’t get out to Target as much as I would like too. I recently sampled the Toasted Hazelnut coffee by Archer Farms. Included in my haul also is their Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee coffee. This is too looks like a fine coffee. I am certain it is. Time for a test drive.


Transparent K-Cup! This is nifty.

I smell a burnt top of a creme brulee. I also smell the earthy, yet light character of a vanilla bean. This is a good aromatic replica of a classic dessert near and dear to my heart. The flavor is a robust caramelized sugar with a peppery vanilla-esque bite at the end. Overall, Archer Farms captured some good flavors and an accurate aromatic profile for this coffee.

As stated in my last post. You are missing out if you have not taken up the opportunity to enjoy these pleasant flavored coffees from Archer Farms. It makes a trip to Target all the more worthwhile. Don’t bother telling them that I sent you. It likely holds little to no weight.

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