Imagination World V2, A total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D

Total Conversion: Imagination World Version 2

Platform: PC

Base game: Duke Nukem 3D

Moddb Page




Earlier, I reviewed Duke Forces and The AMC TC. Both are exceptional total conversions of that masterpiece of a game: Duke Nukem 3D.  This masterpiece spawned a grand modding community that rivals Wolfenstein 3D, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and it’s expansion, and finally  Deus Ex’s.  One of the masterminds behind The AMC TC, James Stanfield of course had some earlier work and one of these works is worth writing about. And that work is Imagination World. This total conversion has a rich atmosphere with great levels, superb weapons, and lastly a unique feel that provides an immersive single-player experience.


Levels & Atmosphere: These levels range from city streets reminiscent of episodes I and III of Duke Nukem 3D. To extra-terrestrial levels reminding one of Dark Forces, one level in particular reminded me of Fuel Station Ergo where Kyle Katarn has to make preparations to board the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Fans of Nukem and of Katarn’s adventures will enjoy Stanfield’s work.

Episode IV of this total conversion will have players of DeusEx and System Shock smiling brightly. This particular episode somewhat serves as a story-driven prequel to The AMC TC. These levels are mostly far from linear with a few exceptions, but still this total conversion is leagues above the usual doggerel that modern FPSs have become.


Superb Weapons: The player character has a M1911A1 pistol that resembles a Springfield Armory TRP.


MP5s and M4A1 Carbines await as well.

MP5 with silencer
M4 Carbine with 40mm grenade launcher

These are some of the real world weapons Imagination World has. There are also some excellent science-fiction inspired ones,like the XM8 inspired laser rifle.


A Unique Feel: Humans love narrative. Narrative is a part of human survival. We all are exposed to storytelling at an early age: bedtime stories, cultural events, etc.. and we craft our own survival narratives via our own successes, and struggles throughout our lives. As an author I appreciate this part of the human existence much.


James Stanfield, the developer of this total conversion and as mentioned before one of the masterminds behind the AMC TC accomplished much in the concept of this total conversion and in it’s execution and in the process did much for accomplishing an immersive single player experience as the player progresses through the levels of his creation. One really gets the feeling of desperation and a need to fight for survival rather it be against Quake II like enemies or the Half-life/Counterstrike inspired government regulars.

Final Thoughts: James Stanfield created an incredible total conversion that is a must play. Check out this total conversion if you haven’t. Check out the AMC TC if you have not. Modern game developers can learn a thing or two from Mr. Stanfield’s work.

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