Half Acre’s Vallejo IPA

Beer: Vallejo IPA

Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company

Beer Style: IPA

Abv: 6.7%

Serving Methodology: Pint can poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America


Background: I haven’t had many of Half Acre’s beers save for Daisy Cutter. I figured it was time to explore more of this brewery’s portfolio. Let’s dive in. 


Taste & Aroma: There is pine and citrus in this nose. I love it already! At first taste I get some malt, some fluffy fruit, and an incredible hop bite at the end. This is the kind of bite that I love. This beer is pure pleasure to drink. They’ve got something good here. Thanks, Half Acre.

Final Analysis: Ladies and Gentleman, this is an IPA. This is the kind of IPA that the United States of America can enjoy. No matter if you are red hophead or a blue hophead.

Red Hophead Nominee: he doesn’t drink does he? A beer would help him smile.
Blue Hopheads! She needs to straighten her hair. She’s a pretty lady and her hair is being abused here. Smilin Veep Joe doesn’t mind though apparently.


If your establishment or Anti-Establishment you should have this beer.

Hillary Clinton
Establishment hophead: She reminds me of my comparative politics teacher from high school; full of surprises she is. I don’t think she drinks beer.
He would have good taste and likely enjoy this beer. Would he subsidize it so all of us could have it?
Anti-Establishment hophead: Your beer, your way.

Open up a can of what an ale should be. Simon Redmalt, a supporting character in my Paul of Pinningdale stories would demand it.  Drink this beer.

Toasting Tavern 2
The Toasting Tankard

Enjoy your beers, America. Replace the awful soda promotion with beer in this classic spiel/song.

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