Uncle Bob’s Rum Chata Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream is a legend in Eureka, IL and the surrounding area. I would declare it the best ice cream on the eastern bank of the Illinois River. Uncle Bob’s has all sorts of dynamite flavors. This year I’m going to try as many as I can. Why not begin with a delightful flavor that is a favorite of my wife and I’s? This flavor is Rum Chata Salted Caramel.

IMG_0889IMG_0891 (1)




This is an avant garde 21st century flavor celebrating the Rum Chata liquor and the flavor of salted caramel. If you’ve never had Rum Chata by itself or mixed with fireball, that is the best introduction to this rum based creme liquor. In this ice cream the Rum Chata in all it’s sweetness is there at the start. The rum shines through. Then the salted caramel foils it. This is a balanced ice cream that could be enjoyed by Rum Chata lovers and fans of salted caramel. As this delectable dessert melts the caramel shines through even more and it certainly has a salty finish. I strongly recommend this. Read more about Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream here.


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