Time for a Respite with Tequila Reposado Espolon

It is brilliant to be on vacation. Sometimes, a respite is required. I’ve had some incredible food today. Soon I’ll be writing about that. For now a review of the nice beverage I’m savoring. A tequila. What kind you ask? Reposado only from 100% Agave. None of that silly stuff. Only real tequilas. Of all tequilas Reposados and Silvers are my favorite so far.

What is a Reposado? A reposado is a ‘rested’ tequila that has been aged for roughly sixty days or more in a barrel. This is a delicious beverage and it is often a light brown to gold in color. Espolon is a recent discovery. At 80 proof it is a delicious drink with the mellow aroma of wood and the flavors of toasted oak, cinnamon, and a sweeter lingering finish with a bite. Delightful!


I enjoy my tequilas chilled with ice. I like it cold. Especially on a hotter day like this. Place the tequila in the refrigerator, chill it for twenty to forty minutes and then pour it on a big rock. Then enjoy. Pure pleasure! Seek out a tequila. This tequila please! Enjoy a Respite with a Tequila Reposado.

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