Uncle Bob’s Mint Chocolate Chip

As summer fades into fall, some people’s desire for ice cream fades as well. Not mine. Uncle Bob’s has a delicious portfolio of ice cream that keeps calling my name. And mint chocolate chip is the caller I’m answering this time. Let’s explore this flavor that is a timeless classic in the world of ice cream. Make ready. Spoons out. Lids off. Forward.


This ice cream was made with summer in mind. Bright and refreshing mint ice cream meets the subtle semi-sweetness of the chocolate chips to create a robust blend. This ice cream is a light treat that the whole family can enjoy due to it’s accessibility. After all mint chocolate chip ice cream is a stalwart summertime classic; it is foolish to pass this up entirely now. It is even more foolish to deny yourself mint chocolate chip ice cream year round as it is available year round from Uncle Bob’s.

This is my second post exploring the wonders of Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream out of Eureka, IL. I explored their Rum Chata Salted Caramel, and that was delicious. The next ice cream I will try from there is their Cake Batter flavor. Stay tuned for that one.

Visit Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream’s website.

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