Gloria Jeans Mudslide

A mudslide is an excellent cocktail. Gloria Jeans did a fine job of recreating this vanilla/coffee flavored concoction that is typically made with vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s. Gloria Jeans perfected the coffee version of this excellent beverage. As you’re likely aware I have reviewed Gloria Jeans Coffee’s Hazelnut, Butter Toffee, and I also celebrated that excellent signature specialty beverage at their coffee shops: the mint chocolate bomb.


Let’s give this a try. Down the hatch. 

The aroma present is earthy vanilla, and a brighter coffee. The flavors are the star though. The vanilla, with a hint of a sweeter, yet still earthy caramel shines through. Yes, this is a Mudslide in coffee form. I’m liking it.I’m afraid a Mudslide is better than this flavored coffee. While this is not Gloria Jeans Coffee’s best flavor it is a valiant attempt on their part. Not half bad, but not magnificent.

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