Uncle Bob’s Cake Batter Ice Cream

This journey through Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream’s portfolio of exceptional flavors has been more than just interesting. It has been delicious. Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream is one of the jewels in the culinary crown of Central Illinois.



I’ve had Cake Batter ice creams before. They’re generally enjoyable, and this is no different. The ice cream appears to be a paler, yet slightly golden vanilla under my light. It is very different in body than typically vanilla ice cream. The cake batter ice cream feels like it has a bit more thickness. This is likely the case due to the cake batter. The flavors here are vanilla, and then a sweeter, doughy, malty flavor from the cake batter.


This is by no means a go-to ice cream for me. But I will say that this is an exceptional representation of a cake batter ice cream. Dear Readers, once more we have enjoyed an exceptional treasure from Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream.


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