Crown Valley’s Antique Amber

Beer: Antique Amber

Beer Style: Red Lager

Abv: 4.3%

Brewery: Crown Valley Brewing

Serving Methodology: Bottle poured into pint glass

Country of Origin: United States of America

Background: As stated earlier, I recently enjoyed a Gunslinger IPA and visited Crown Valley’s Branson, MO facility. Read about this here. Antique Amber was another I included in our a la carte mix a sixer.


Taste & Aroma: Dark fruits and malt are here. They smell great. This is a sharp perfume this beer’s wearing. No, that’s not an atomizer. That’s a great grain bill. The flavor is just as elegant and delightful as the aroma. It is almost a mirror image. The dark fruits at the start are welcoming and bright. There’s a sharp tart bite at the end with a lingering maltiness that’s oddly bright.  I’ve not encountered this in a beer before. I love it. Solid aroma and solid flavor are here.



Final Analysis: I love this beer. I aim to obtain more of Crown Valley’s portfolio of beers at the soonest possibility.

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