Tully’s French Roast, An after dark treat

French Roasts are not some of my sought-after coffees. I prefer light or medium roasts. I enjoy dark roasts coffee though. My recent exploration of Tully’s Hawaiian  piqued my interest in this coffee. What better time than the present to explore this. Let’s venture on.

A dozen dark roasts for your enjoyment.
I love the illustration here.

This coffee has an aroma that is reminiscent of proud cedars. It is also  smoky, peaty, and earthy. Just like an excellent scotch whisky, blended or single malt. Now of course, the taste is most important. This coffee is bold, woody, and robust in flavor. This dark French Roast is an easy one to like. Tully’s French Roast is a luxurious coffee that can easily become an evening time treat for me.


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