Gevalia’s Signature Blend

Since 1853, Gevalia has wowed drinkers of coffee. As I mentioned in prior posts, I was first introduced to Gevalia at my grandparents’ house when I was five or six. Now, of course I was no coffee drinker at that time. But later, in college I rediscovered this superb brand of coffee. I’ve been writing about Gevalia on this blog for some time now. Visit here and here for further doses of Gevalia glory.


The aroma here is a warming and light cedar. This coffee could be a good companion by a campfire. This coffee could also be a great go-to morning coffee, simply due to it’s high caffeine coffee as it is a mild (light) roast. Of course the flavor is convincing of this too. And it certainly would as it is Gevalia Coffee!

This coffee has a pleasant bright and nutty flavor. There are hints of lemon in here towards the finish as well. The signature blend is Gevalia’s more potent and bolder take on a typical breakfast blend offered by their competitors. Again, Gevalia proves itself once more as a premium coffee. When are you going to try some Gevalia?

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