Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream

Flavored coffee is either done wrong or done right. Green Mountain tends to always hit the bullseye when it comes to crafting quality coffees. Let’s enjoy the Caramel Vanilla Cream by Green Mountain and see if this also passes muster like their other products. 

When this coffee is dispensed by your Keurig the whole area surrounding your mug and Keurig is enveloped in the mighty aroma of the caramel included in this coffee’s name. The vanilla is present too when you bring the mug up to your nose before a sip. Like a fine scotch, this coffee should be loved for both it’s flavor and aroma.



The flavor is brilliant. The caramel and the vanilla are well married here. Neither over power each other. This is a delicious evening dessert coffee. I would have this after the meal. It would do well throughout the day though if you enjoy flavored coffee like myself. This is another well-executed product by Green Mountain.



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