Sweet Potato Peanut Bisque, A meal by Amanda

Source: eatingwell.com

Dinner at our house is always an epic. There’s never a boring meal or a dull one.


Amanda found this West African-inspired recipe in the earlier mentioned source. She did deviate from the recipe for creativity’s sake. This soup was hearty, thick, creamy, and flavorful! Sweet potatoes, peanut butter, V8 juice, Chicken Broth (Amanda’s substitution) Picante (Amanda’s substitution). And other ingredients formed to make a delightful bisque.

The sweet potatoes were succulent and earthy, the peanut butter thickened the soup and provided some mellow, but pronounceable funk.  The picante provided some jalapeno zing that made me think of some great Pad Thai I’ve enjoyed. This was an incredible meal and by golly it was good.

Hungry yet?

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