Modus Mandarina

Earlier, I reviewed Ska Brewings Modus Hoperandi, a sensational IPA. Try it if you have not. Now I’m about to drink Modus Mandarina, and orange influenced IPA with Mandarina Bavaria Hops included in the recipe. A few months ago when this blog began I reviewed Stone Pale Ale 2.0, which features Mandarina Bavaria hops to give it a zesty bite. Modus Mandarina has orange peel in it’s recipe which should enhance this beer’s orange influence, and it did. Let’s dive in.



Beer: Modus Mandarina

Beer Style: IPA variant

Brewery: Ska

Abv: 6.80%

Country of Origin: United States of America (Durango, Colorado)

Serving Methodology: Can poured into pint glass

Taste & Aroma: Oranges! Fresh Oranges! Fresh juiced Oranges! Orange mimosas! Orange cocktails! Orange Soda! This is the aroma. And the flavor…


Orange is the subject of the celebration that is this beer. At first you get an oily bit of orange and then a delightful bite from this special hop, and then lastly a blood orange finish with a sharper bite from those excellent Mandarina Bavaria hops. This beer celebrates the Orange.

Pending Analysis: This is an incredible beer. I cannot complain much about it at all really. But I do want to try it on draught. This was incredible and I’m eager to try it from the tap where it will no doubt have an even deeper flavor. Ska Brewing is good at what they do.


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