Spaten Ur-Marzen (Oktoberfest)

Beer: Spaten Oktoberfest

Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner Brau

Beer Style: Marzen

Abv: 5.90%

Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany

Serving Methodology: Bottle poured into pint glass

Background: I’m around. Seven days without me, I’m okay, you’re okay (at least I hope). Thank God we are all here safe and sound. I’m on a respite after tackling some projects. So let’s talk about beer. We’re in the fall and you know what that means: Oktoberfest beers. Earlier, we had Sierra Nevada’s brilliant take on the classic style by collaborating with Mahrs Brau. 


Taste & Aroma: This beer’s bready and toasty aroma makes me want some pumpernickel bread or maybe a good Reuben. And, I love my Rubens. I’ve never met a Reuben I didn’t like. This is a sharp, malty, and robust beer. I’ll say right away that this beer has a bite. It is subdued but it is there. For a lager that is more so toasty and bready, not so much a sharper beer this is not my favorite Oktoberfest beer.

Final Analysis: This is an unremarkable beer from a brewery that is typically a better purveyor of beers than this one. Frankly, I’m unimpressed. After having Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest I can tell you that it is going to be hard to ever top that beer. We’ll explore more of these beers. This beer is a waystation! Not a destination. I’m sure it’s better on draught.




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