Salmon Pizza: A Meal By Amanda



Amanda found this recipe on the Food Network’s website. We had all of the ingredients in the house. The only tweak to the recipe was instead of lox a steak-like cut of smoked salmon was used.

Ingredient List: Smoked salmon, Boboli pizza crust, fresh cucumber, fresh cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, light sour cream mixed with lemon juice and dill. And the last ingredient which contributed to this wonder were the capers. This exceptional pizza was finished in fifteen minutes.

This pizza was pure pleasure to eat. The cucumber and tomatoes were both tart and refreshing. The sauce: the light sour cream mixed with lemon juice and dill provided a savory base to a scotch-like smoked salmon. My wife knows that lox makes me a fiend. So my mother kindly gave my wife smoked salmon and Amanda retained it until an opportunity to make a culinary masterpiece arrived. This was an incredible dish worth waiting.


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