Some Changes


Dearest Reader,

By now you have some questions. You are likely wanting to know what’s going on with the frequency of my posts? What’s happened to Paul of Pinningdale?  Well, it is time for an explanation



I have been busy. I’ve moved into a middle management role at my company; this has meant a crazier work schedule and more responsibilities. I travel more and see the sights less. My paperwork has doubled and my time spent writing non-technical documents has diminished. I’m fortunate to have the time to squeeze off this blog post before I move onto the next project.

It is a new experience being in the captain’s chair. Thankfully, I’m not loosing any hair like Picard. However my mane has been getting some graying tips for some time. I imagine it shall continue to do so. I wouldn’t doubt if I have salt and pepper hair by the time I’m thirty-five.

Now, you’ve heard about my work life in the world of information services. Let’s talk about my writing life.

Ambrose Bierce

Paul of Pinningdale’s conclusion is roughly a fifth of the way finished. When will it be finished? I would say before October. I wasn’t counting on anything changing my writing schedule, but it has changed. They’ll be time for a beer review, a random musing, a pc game review, or a movie review. Original fiction takes time, and right now I am finding no time to write original fiction.


I am grateful for you, you, and you. The readers who I’ve not met. The readers who I barely know, and the readers I have yet to know. This blog was born out of some good advice I received over time. I finally listened to reason and launched this blog with low expectations. It in fact has exceeded my expectations. As of 09/02/2016: 6,998 hits and 2,240 visitors occurred here. Also 66 comments and 359 likes transpired. Finally, after 253 posts not counting this one (the 254th), I can happily say this blog at seven months has been a success so far. I am grateful for all who have read this blog, read my fiction, and I’m grateful for all who have yet to do so.

In Gratitude,

Brandon C. Hovey


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