Earlier, I posted a little vignette entitled Way Station Coffee Shop. In this little vignette I spoke of how I enjoyed a little coffee while my vehicle had all of it’s fluids checked and oil changed at my local auto shoppe. It was pleasant. Well now again, I’m sort of at that time. My father, a skilled basic mechanic/ detailer in his own right assisted me in some cleaning operations of my sled. He inspected my vehicle and informed me that my battery holdings were loose and my transmission fluid needed to be changed before I undertake any long distance driving. My Honda Accord logged many a mile in my career as a private investigator. You live in your car when you are a PI oftentimes, and I certainly lived the life.


The only desk I ever worked from was my car’s dashboard.

I now need to get my transmission changed. I’m going in the morning to have it done and then I’ll be checking in on my grandparents. The past few weeks have been full of change. The project I was working on has been submitted and another project has fallen in my lap. I have ideas for the sequel to Paul of Pinningdale. Expect a three or four volume cycle of short stories, each likely 30,000 words. As my vehicle gets refitted, so does my own life. Talk to you all later.

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