Paul of Pinningdale Update

Hello Readers,

I hope your week was off to an excellent start. I had a productive springboard of a Monday. I enjoyed some much needed time with the wife and a good luncheon with much of my family. I was happy to say that I’m also moving forward with some professional plans I have made.





Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I’m writing a Paul of Pinningdale sequel. A second episode. This will likely be of the same length: 30,000 words. I have already written some ten plus pages of what will be the first part and I’m gearing up to write the second part. I am more than eager to publish further adventures of Rilles, Estalwyn, and the title character Paul.


I attended a beautiful wedding a few days ago and it was incredible to see a diverse group of people gathered to celebrate a new matrimonial union. I met a fellow author there and I am planning on reviewing his sole title that has been published shortly. I hope all is well of you. I’m including a picture from my own wedding day.





Enjoy, and you’ll be seeing some more fiction, beer, games, and other great stuff shortly. Again, thanks for reading and visiting my blog.


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