Links To Reviews of My Work By Philip Kaveny

My two novels: Burgers, Bloggers, & Cops and Thuringer: The Officer have both been reviewed in Midwestern Book Review. The reviewer is Philip (Phil) Edward Kaveny. Kaveny is an author of fiction, a literary critic, a scholar, and a friend and colleague of mine. Kaveny has been an observer of science-fiction and literature for much of his life. You can see his work at his blog:  . Kaveny is a Hugo Award nominee and once sat two seats down from Isaac Asimov at the

Here are links to both of the reviews: Thuringer: The Officer. In this review I had the priviledge of being critqued alongside Professor Thomas Shippey.

Yet ironically Brandon Hovey is part of that same noble tradition: Fred Pohl, Ted Sturgeon and even Robert Heinlein, in that “Thuringer: The Officer”, at least in some way reads like a Heinlein juvenile.” –Phil Kaveny

Kaveny’s review of Burgers, Bloggers, & Cops

realistic and fantastic in a non contradictory sense..”

Phil Kaveny: Author, Scholar, and Critic


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