We Cannot Be Proud of Our Governors. Let’s Be Proud of Our Apples

Illinois, Land of Lincoln, The Tall State, The Prairie State… No matter which monniker you use use you may be thinking about this man, I hope.

16th President of The United States: Abraham Lincoln

In our 21st Century you may also think of this man:

Rod Blagojevich, Former Governor of Illinois 

Blago reminds Illinoisans about corruption. Something that Illinoisans have had to live with for sometime. He’s a public face for it and certainly a scapegoat.

However, Illinoisans have apples to be proud of! Apples like this one grown at Tanners Orchard in Speer, IL. Amanda and I visited the corn maze and today I had a few of their delicious and glorious apples! Coral apples to be precise.

Bruised, yes! Delicious, yes!

Coral apples are light, refreshing, and have a tart pear-like finish. They are enjoyable. I recommend them without reservation. This was an Illinois apple and we can be proud of our produce. We don’t need to be proud of our governors. Not right now at least.

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