What I’m Listening To: Dream Machine, By Lazerhawk

Song: “Dream Machine”

Album: Redline (2010)

Artist: Lazerhawk

Composer: Lazerhawk








“Your pedals, your miles. You really blow my mind.”


I’ve never been into cars. The cars people like that is. My favorite car will always be my first. The 1993 jet black Toyota Celica GT. My first sled was a fast little wagon, a convertible. After cross-country practice I’d hop into this beauty and drive off to get a cappuccino or a latte. To have the top down and soar down the interstate with the wind blowing was and is a remarkable feeling. I liked to call it the Harley without the Harley! I was right.

“GTO, a Real Fast Car.”

One of my brothers, Christopher Hovey and I are both fans of great electronic music. Lazerhawk’s album Redline is an exceptional example of great electronic music. His song ‘Dream Machine’ evoked excellent memories of one car out of two that I’ll ever be sentimental about. It’s not time to write about the other car yet. So we’ll focus on this one. Thankfully, I was able to take my wife in one fast cruise in it.

“2+2 turbocharge. GTO a real fast car. You’re a dream machine. You’re a dream machine.”

The author and Austin Simpson about to depart on a road trip circumnavigating  a corridor of the Illinois River around the vicinity of Peoria, IL in 2008.

“Your pedals, your miles. You really blow my mind. So fast, so dated. It’s a blow to my head. Your wheels, your squeal. I love to touch your steel. Let’s go, let’s roll. I’m driving out of control.”

Ever had a dream machine?

RIP BHC (Brandon Hovey’s Car) Celica GT 1993-2010


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