Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatran Reserve


It is evening. The sun is going down and on a crisp fall evening when you don’t want to stay up all night.


Dark roast coffee has its place. The darker the bean the less the caffiene. This is a great lesson my wife taught me. Like much of her cuisine it sticks to my memory. My own food is not as compelling, but it may help prevent Aleppo moments.  I digress.


Green Mountain coffee has a product line. Like Gevalia, they deliver when it comes to Keurig coffees rather that be their traditional coffees or their coffeehouse series. Most recently I enjoyed one of their single origins. Read about it here.

The Sumatra is an elegant dark roast. This coffee has an unmistakable aroma: cedar and earth! There is a brightness here too that makes this dark roast oddly refreshing. The flavor is bright while being full bodied. This coffee’s silky mouthfeel is the vehicle for subtle woody flavors. This coffee is like a fine wine. This is an excellent beverage for a fall evening.

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