Panera’s Hazelnut Creme

For years I’ve been a fan and frequent patron of Panera’s. The food is good. You cannot beat one of their hot or cold sandwiches. You cannot beat a soup from there either. I really enjoy their bakery items as well. Those are enjoyed sparingly though. Bear Claws are good however if you have them for every breakfast your weight goes bullish unlike the bear claw.


Panera’s coffees are a treat as much as their food. Panera has its coffees available for drip coffee makers and Keurig type machines. Panera’s Hazelnut Creme is a good place to start with their coffee. I wasn’t a fan of flavored coffee until I had Panera’s Hazelnut coffee. If you have never had flavored coffee try this. It will change your mind.

The sweet aroma has sugar, cinnamon, and nutty hazelnut. The flavor as always is the star (I think I use this phrase in beverage reviews often). The nutty flavor of hazelnut shines brightly through this excellent beverage. This coffee has a creamy mouthfeel. Of course that’s no surprise. This coffee is one of Panera’s greatest products. Now it is available for your consumption at home. Enjoy.

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