Root, A Minimalist Cyber FPS

Root (2015)

Developer: DFE

Publisher: Digital Tribe

Platform Played: PC

Price: $9.99 on Steam, $1.99 sale price until October 17th

I’ll save you some time. Quit reading and buy this game now. It is accessible, fun, and enjoyable for both the hardcore gamer and also the casual gamer like myself. This game will remind you of classic FPSs like Wolfenstein 3D and modern ones similar to DeusEx: Human Revolution. 

Like Wolfenstein 3D, the player’s objective is to get to an elevator at the end of each level. However instead of storming a castle full of SS, attack dogs and Nazi sponsored and created zombies you are fighting hostile computer programs in a computer labyrinth in order to obtain root access to a system. Like DeusEx: Human Revolution the player has freedom in how to engage the challenges that the levels pose. You can choose to engage the enemies in open combat with either your trusty Walther P99 copy laser pistol or your laser shotgun through the corridors, or you can engage them by stealth via ventilation shafts and makeshift observation posts.

The Walther P99, a polymer framed striker fired pistol in real life. Within the game’s reality this is the basis for the player’s laser pistol.

Level design is varied. Can the blue and white walls get repetitive at times? Yes! Over all though, this is a game worth playing. It is full of twists and turns and unexpected ambushes. Boss fights and conventional enemies will ambush the player and provide a perpetual tactical challenge as the player progresses.

A fluid cutscene.
Sneaking Mode
A handgun on file.
The entire game is set in an office within a computer. You are infiltrating this offic.e


Shell is your guide throughout this game.
The shotgun


A cyber bathroom.


The first boss.


The second boss




This tactical challenge is accomplished through the variety of enemies the player will face. Spider programs, pistol-wielding programs, grave keepers armed with sword and lantern, and rifle-wielding programs will attempt to defeat the player. Open battle is oftentimes not the best course of action when dealing with the enemy defenses. I can say that any fan of stealth games or FPS will enjoy this game. There are some flaws though.

Sole Flaw: “Woot Woot” The player can move in two modes: running and sneaking. A single key allows the toggle on or off of both modes. Running allows the player plenty of speed for engaging foes in open fights. The name says it all when it comes to sneaking. Crouching is an option. A “Woo-hoo” or “Woot Woot” occurs when switching from standing to crouching or the reverse. This noise alerts enemies and their AI allows them good hearing. It is best to pick a mode and keep in it during a level however at times in later levels you will change and this noise will have adverse effects. Otherwise this is a flaw you can live with.



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