Life’ll Kill Ya

“You need a license to dance…”


You probably know already that I’ve been on a Zevon kick for a while. I heard a group of individuals recently demean the profession they were trying to enter. They used a cliche statement or too to demean their profession and another profession. I’ve worn a few hats already in my life to know that these professions are like any: they have their realities, their misconceptions, their bullshit, and their rewards. These guys are younger than me. I listened to their conversation with no rancor. I was amused though. I get the feeling that they are running from life.

Life won’t physically kill you, but it’s realities can have a mean bite. This song came to my mind after hearing of how they’re running from their life because they can’t ‘do’ whatever that really means.

“Life will find ya, wherever you go.”

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