What I’m Listening To, Back In Black

“Back In Black”

Black is a professional color. I love black. I wear black and dark colors all the time practically. No. I’m not a goth or an emo. I just like the color. As I said it is professional. For the only author talk I’ve ever done so far, I chose to wear black. I’m excited to say I’m returning to education. I’m going to begin substitute teaching again very shortly and I’m excited to return to the classroom and try to do as a mentor and friend of mine describes as ‘making school fun and magical!’

The song ‘Back In Black’ should not have a literalist interpretation applied to it.

“Back in the back of a Cadillac…Nobody’s gonna get me on another rap.”

The song is not just about a dangerous criminal or a rock in roll inside story. No this is a song about being back in your element about some kind of hiatus: voluntary, involuntary, or a little of both. Angus Young, Malcom Young, and Brian Johnson are three scholars of rock singing about a return: this is a song deeper than you think it is.

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