Witches Brew: A Spiced Wine for Fall

Data: Leelanu Cellars

Country of Origin: United States of America (Michigan)

Abv: 12.5%

Wine: Witches Brew


Preparation Methodology: This Michigan wine was opened and then  it was allowed to breathe for ten minutes. The wine was then heated for thirty seconds in  the microwave in ceramic mugs where it was then served.

Spiced wine is something I have been a stranger to for a long time until this year. Witches Brew is an intriguing wine in the fact that it bears a name that evokes the feelings and memories of Halloween and fall. As the leaves change colors and fall to the loam and turf you can enjoy this wine in your living quarters by your fireplace, wood burning stove, space heater, or perhaps a bonfire?

Taste & Aroma: Cinnamon fills the air after this wine is heated in the microwave. Your nose will enjoy this wine as much as your taste buds. The flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and a tinge of a pumpkin-like spice are hard hitting at first. The finish is smooth though. Is this my favorite wine? No. But it is delicious with a pleasant aroma.


Analysis: This is not an all meal wine or an all-year round wine. This is a pleasant wine perfect for this time of year. You should find it at your local grocery store or liquor store without too much difficulty. It should be available until the snow falls. You are being silly if you don’t obtain this seasonal treat.



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