Starbucks Pike Place Roast


Background: Sometimes you just have to have some of the fruits of this siren’s labors. Sometimes you just need Starbucks Coffee. Pike Place Roast is a great example of an easy-drinking and accessible coffee. I figured it was high time to go ahead and review this long-time go to coffee of mine.

Taste & Aroma: An earthy, nutty, and woody flavor hits you right away with this coffee. The finish is a semi-sweet caramel that fades quickly. The aroma here is a great earthy cedar!


Final Analysis: I’ve had this coffee from a drip maker, a pour over, and a French Press. All in all, this is an exceptional coffee. I would recommend this without reservation.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks Pike Place Roast

  1. I think I drink this nearly every day. My favorite order after everybody in line orders a caramel macchiato latte spice froo froo iced whipped cream with soy juice and a shot of ehatever , is to walk up and say , Grande Pike please


    1. I’m glad you like Pike Place too! I’m the same way. I’ll only order the froo froo stuff once in a blue moon and generally when there’s no line. I’m not fond of burdening the baristas and I know they appreciate a simple order after being busy for a stretch of time.


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