Steak & Potatoes: Redefined

Steak and Potatoes is a timeless, time honored and oftentimes poorly cooked meal. My wife thankfully does a better job cooking than most people. Heavens, she’s a talented chef and in our three and a half years of marriage and over six years of dating she’s never made a single bad meal.

After having some of my wife’s baked steaks I’ve almost rendered a judgment that baked steaks are better than grilled steaks. Amanda seared this after marinating this awesome steak for almost a full day in a Weber  Grill Peppercorn Mix, Truffle Olive Oil, and Champagne Balsamic Vinegar.

She then seared it with olive oil spray for two minutes on each side of the steak. It baked for twelve minutes at three-hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. When the steak was finished it looked like this.

Incredible meal made by an incredible lady!

The flavors in this steak from the marinades were clear and present. The texture was tender and soft. This was not a restaurant steak that is oftentimes too dry or too firm. My wife transformed this blank canvas into a quality meal that you cannot find in most restaurants save for a handful of famous steakhouses. This is a steak that was cooked by a professional chef in a home environment.

Your Special Project/Homework Assignment: Try a baked steak.

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