Twinings of London: Earl Grey, and it is Hot

It is tea time. Captain Jean-Luc Picard can likely smell what my replicator, I mean Keurig is brewing up



Twinings makes some incredible teas. Read my review of their sturdy and excellent English Breakfast and their edgy and sultry Irish Breakfast.  I have not had a Keurig brewed Tea until today. I was in the mood for a good tea, and the first thing that caught my eye at the local Wal-Mart was this package of Earl Grey. To say that this is enjoyable is an understatement.

Taste & Aroma: The scent of Bergamot is the unmistakable aromatic first impression Earl Grey fans get. If you like tea you need to drink this. The classic fruity and silky feeling of Earl Grey shines through brightly. This mellow tea has a pleasant feeling that a true Earl Grey devotee should not ignore or hesitate to have.

Final Analysis: Go out and buy some already. This is the best tea I’ve had from Twinings yet!

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