Spook Hollow, A Marquette Heights Tradition

Background: Marquette Heights, IL has been hosting one of the best haunted houses around since 1979. Haunted Houses are something my wife and I love to do. Spook Hollow in Marquette is ran by volunteers supporting and members of the Marquette Heights Men’s Club. This 37 year old event has thrilled, delighted, and amused patrons while also giving back to the club’s community: Marquette Heights.

This haunted house is one of the best and is possibly the best around the Peoria, IL area where I live. SciFi fans, horror fanatics, and thrill seekers will all get a kick out of this event while supporting the community of Marquette Heights and the efforts of the Marquette Heights Men’s Club. What makes this event worthwhile?

Expansive venue: Spook Hollow takes place in Independence Park in Marquette Heights, IL. The park provides space for multiple ‘simulations’ or ‘sets’ a haunted mansion, a haunted industrial facility, a coal mine and other attractions. My favorite was the Pirate Ship. I asked for permission to come aboard before I boarded the little sloop.

Varied Scares: Environmental scares and well trained actors and staff keep patrons on their toes for the entire time. There’s never a dull moment as you make your way through the trails, rooms, passages, tunnels, twists, turns, and labyrinths in your path as you make your way through Spook Hollow. You’ll crawl, walk, and sidestep through dark passages and dim surroundings. You’ll be scared or you’ll enjoy a good laugh as it certainly is amusing.

Analysis: Spook Hollow is the haunted house to visit in Central Illinois. You’ll be entertained, delighted and in some cases scared. My wife and I are people who laugh more at haunted houses than scream. Although at times I did get a chill or two. Furthermore, we enjoyed ourselves examining the decor as we moved through the chambers and passageways without actors. Typewriters, old books, surgical ephemera, and industrial detritus could be observed as we moved throughout the various and immersive complexes.

Amanda and posing at the end of the haunted house’s trail with a wolf fixture. 

Directive: If you are in Central Illinois this is the number one haunted house you must visit on the east bank of the Illinois River. View their website.





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