World Kitchens Brown Sugar Jerky

“What’s your snack, Man? Mine’s twizzlers.”

It was in a cold and grey Chicago morning similar to Elvis Presley’s ‘In the Ghetto’ off of Belmont Avenue’s more seedier blocks when my colleague and fellow classmate asked me this question. Every surveillance operative in the shadowy world of private investigations has a snack. Why is that you ask?

Martini Time? No.

You can’t leave the surveillance vehicle to get a Vodka Martini, Cappuccino, or beer. You certainly cannot have foie gras delivered to the vehicle either. No, Mr. Bond, I mean Commander, this is reality. The surveillance operative sub specialty of private investigations is a glamorous profession to a point, but the executive washroom is a Gatorade Bottle and my snacks of choice for long operations were basic. One of them was beef jerky. And that is World Kitchens Beef Jerky.

Beef Jerky is either crafted well by its maker or crafted poorly. There are no in-between specimens when it comes to the quality of beef jerky. I didn’t like beef jerky for a long time until my wife, Amanda introduced me to World Kitchens Beef Jerky. This beef and pork jerky comes in different varieties. My two favorite varieties are the peppered which was my go-to jerky when I was a private investigator, and the brown sugar variety. Amanda brought home the brown sugar variety and it is a delight.


The brown sugar jerky is soft. This doesn’t feel like shoe leather at all. The jerky also has a small bit of peppery feel but all-in-all it was a sweet taste. The flavor of brown sugar is clear and present. However it is not sickly sweet at all. This is a jerky that anyone can enjoy. Try World Kitchens over the competitors and you’ll be astounded. World Kitchens is the best jerky maker. You’ll agree after trying the Brown Sugar and the Peppered variety.


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